Drinks in Chile with Nery, Executive Assistant

Nery with Pisco Sours

Nery ready to taste Pisco Sours

Chilean wine is one of the most exquisite in the world. During my visit in La Serena, we had a late dinner business meeting at one of the local restaurants where their specialty is steak and wine. The Coquimbo region is well known for the production of Pisco and table grapes.  So tasting wine seemed like a must-do that night. The local restaurant offered varieties of Chardonnay, Carbernet Franc, Carbernet Sauvignon and Merlot. That night, I tasted different Merlots and accompanied them with fresh Marraquetas (fresh bread), butter and mouthwatering short ribs.

Wine tasting in Chile

Wine tasting in Chile

Pisco Sour was another drink that we tasted the night before we left La Serena. This sweet-tart, cold, and refreshing national cocktail of Peru, is consumed in Chile as well. Made of pisco, lemon juice and sweetener, this sour formula makes every occasion more enjoyable.

Pisco Sours, Chile

Pisco sours, a popular Chile beverage

The meal we had that night at Mario’s Restaurant, a small, local place located a few steps from the beach, consisted of choritos (mussels) in green sauce, oysters, gambas (shrimp), machas (razor clams), scoop of flaked crab, locos (abalone), and rice. Wow! As I type this, my stomach is growling for this appetizing sea-food and my mind reminiscing a memorable night at La Serena.

Food and Wine, Chile

Fresh seafood paired with Chilean wine

Chilean Cafe

Chilean Coffee

We hiked up to the Cerro de la Virgen, just north of Santiago. The view offers vast panoramas of the entire Elqui Valley and the city of Santiago. However, it’s hot up there and a refreshing drink is always needed. So we tasted this traditional drink named Mote con Huesillo (husked wheat with peaches). Though its appearance may not be the best, it is sweet and refreshing. Just perfect for a Sunday afternoon at the mountain enjoying the nice view of the Chilean capital.

Mote en Chile

Refreshing traditional drink, Mote con Huesillo


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