Tasty Traditional Treats in Buenos Aires


Volunteer Argentina with Stephanie Schneidau

Before I came I anticipated beef, dulce de leche, empanadas, and more beef. However you can really see the fusion of different cultures and the immigration influence in Buenos Aires through their food. 

When I was taking Spanish classes my first two weeks, I picked up on the trend to head to to the bakery, panaderia, during our 20 minute break. Medialunas were my usual choice, which are crossiants with a sugar glaze on top and can be found at any bakery in Buenos Aires and even at Burger King here. They can be eaten at any meal and are usually enjoyed with coffee. In addition medialunas are sometimes filled with dulce de leche, a carmel-like cream, or with a jelly. The variety at the bakeries are amazing, every time I go I am still able to try something new. Here dessert is a given and it is assumed you will always order one after your meal.

This is bife de lomo, which is a tenderloin steak that was BY FAR the best steak (and cheapest filet) I have ever eaten. It was topped with a mushroom glaze and came with a side of fried potato balls.

In Buenos Aires, you will often come across restaurants that include a parrilla, which is a huge grill with all meet is cooked including ribs, tenderloin, chorizo sausage, and much more. The smell alone will attract you inside.

Also there are street trailers all over, especially along the river selling choripan. This is chorizo sausage on a white bun and then you top it with any veggies and sauces of your preferance.After a late night out, this was the perfect meal the following day.

Empanadas can also be found all over the city and for a very reasonable price of 4 pesos…so not even 1 US dollar! They are typically filled with beef, chicken, vegetables, ham, or cheese. I had no idea that ham was so evident in Buenos Aires. Before I came I preferred a turkey sandwich but have taken a strong like to ham now.
Last is the strong Italian influence in Buenos Aires. From pizza to pasta, there is an Italian restaurant on every corner. My favorite is pizza with ham and pineapple. Mozzarella cheese is hugely popular here and is so fresh! As an appetizer you will often see people eating a plate of salami, ham, mozzarella, and olives…along with a glass of Argentina’s local wine, Malbec.

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