Favorite Dish of Spain


Internship Spain with Kaeli Gattens

There’s nothing better than a traditional Paella from Spain. It’s best if it’s cooked slowly over an open flame, but if that makes you nervous, cooking over medium hot charcoals works just as well! There are many variations of ingredients in Paella, but traditionally chicken, pork, squid, mussels, clams and shrimp as well of lots of veggies are what make up this tasty rice dish. Really the ingredients depend on the region in Spain you are in and whatever ingredients are more available. If you are close to the coast, the more likely you are to see more seafood. Whereas if you’re further inland, you’ll probably see more meat.

The trick with this dish is cooking the rice perfectly. People crave that crispy texture of the rice on the bottom of the pan with sticky, moist rice for the rest of the dish!


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