AIDE is very proud to announce of our culinary blog!

RE-INVENT your palate! We believe that learning culture through culinary experience is basic value on building relationship with places we visit. We will be posting frequently with culinary travel tips and exciting news about culinary experience programs. We will also be featuring past and currently participants’ experiences so please share your delight moment by sending us photos and videos that you have about culinary shock from your trip!



AIDE Abroad is a Nonprofit Organization committed to providing meaningful experiences abroad. We believe that cultural exchange builds tolerance and understanding and serves to craft socially responsible citizens.

More about AIDE is here


Vision and Mission


AIDE Abroad’s vision is a world in which people respect cultural diversity, possess global awareness, and are inspired to create positive change both while they are abroad and in their home communities. 


AIDE Abroad’s mission is to provide international experiences that impart professional and personal growth, develop leadership skills, and enhance intercultural competence and understanding.

Organizational Description:

AIDE Abroad is a nonprofit organization with a background of over 19 years of experience operating international exchange programs that have impacted the lives of more than 5,000 people.  AIDE Abroad offers a wide range of internship, work, teach, and volunteer opportunities worldwide.  Participants gain invaluable experience, develop leadership skills, and enhance their intercultural awareness.  By partnering with local organizations, AIDE Abroad supports small business development in-country.  These partnerships, combined with AIDE Abroad’s programs, contribute to a more tolerant world.


Cultural Sensitivity, Respect for Diversity, Experiential Learning, and Collaboration


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