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Budapest with Buffy, AIDE Abroad Program Manager

Buffy and meat stew at Hungarian Palinka festival Buda Castle, Budapest

Buffy and meat stew at the Hungarian Palinka Festival - Buda Castle, Budapest

In my first months in Budapest, I had to attend the Palinka and Sausage Festival located around the famous Buda Castle.   Palinka is an exceptionally strong fruit brandy that comes in many flavors.   However, no matter what the flavor, you are sure to make a face like you just took a shot of straight tequila!  Beware not to have more than two!  Sausage and cured meats are a staple in Hungarian cuisine and by the taste of them, you can tell they’ve been curing and stuffing for decades!  The meat melts in your mouth and has just the right amount of salt and Hungarian kick!  I have to admit that I did not brave the stew as I was certain there were parts of an animal in there that I was not ready to taste  Next time!

Sausage and Palinkas (fruit brandy) of Hungarian exceptional recipes

Hungarian sausage, meats and veggies

more information about festival is here

sausages and their centuries’ old traditions and exceptional recipes

Cured meats are dried on the premises

The Palinka & Sausage Festival at Buda Castle  takes place in October and featured Hungarian Palinkas (fruit brandy) and traditional sausages

the centuries’ old gastronomic Hungarian traditions

Century old gastronomic Hungarian traditions