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Morocco with Natalie, AIDE Abroad Program Manager

Tajines, Marrakesh, Morocco

Tajines in Marrakesh, Morocco

Morocco is full of culture and colors that will peak your senses for days, if not weeks! After arriving, the adventure began. We wound our way through the medinas, we bathed in the warm hammams and we discovered the colorful tanneries! I was pleasantly surprised by the country’s green tea and couldn’t get enough. All too quickly, I learned women aren’t allowed to drink tea in the cafes out on the street! But that didn’t stop us. The most enticing part of Morocco is its rich curries, freshly ground spices and tajines full of stewed meats and veggies.

These photos are just a glimpse of what Morocco has to offer!


Homemade Moroccan Meal

Homemade Moroccan Meal

Tajines in Moroccan cuisine are slow-cooked stews braised at low temperatures which result in tender meat with aromatic vegetables and sauce

Spices, Marrakesh, Morocco

Spices in Marrakesh, Morocco

Seasonings can be traditional Moroccan spices, French, Italian or suited to the dish. Traditional spices that are used to flavor tajines include ground cinnamon, saffron, ginger, turmeric, cumin, paprika, pepper, as well as the famous Arabian spice blend Ras el hanout.

Veggies on the Street in Fez, Morocco

Veggies on the Street in Fez, Morocco